Ghyllside School Community Garden

A disused underdeveloped area of land was identified where local volunteers and businesses came together to create a usable space for the local community. Children, young people  and adults made plans together to create an allotment, fruit area and learning space for the community.

What was created over a short period of time was amazing and a testament to all involved. The children drew pictures of what they wanted to grow, the young people designed areas for further development, outside art and assisted the adults to create a space for the seed to soup project and other exciting events.


Stramongate School

The youth project this year encourage a local youth to volunteer his time for the Community roots project in the allotment area. Our project inspired him to change direction in his life and become a primary school teacher!


St Mark's School

The children chose new plants to grow this season by developing a corn patch. They were amazed how the corn was hidden inside the leaf ears and how sweet it all tasted. The bean harvest was a bumper crop this year!


Heron Hill Care Home

The youth group really got involved at the care home with an underdeveloped area for the community. They transformed some of the areas and the community supported offered advice and interest throughout the day.


The Beck Community Center

The youth team learnt about different types of paint to do the right jobs!


The Heron Pub

The youth team opted to offer their time and support to sort out the paving area, what a brilliant job they did!