The Garden Gang

12 children some of whom are disadvantaged have been enjoying and learning the outside space we have created together. The children growing have been entering competitions where they won a joint first Gold award. They are developing new ideas of what they would like in the garden such as a den, pond area and fruit.

Harvest project

35 children have experienced the allotment project learning more about healthy eating and living. This year’s learning in particular is about developing lots of new ideas for outside art and the variety of vegetables you can grow in one small place.

Youth Project

12 young people some of whom are disadvantaged have supported the project by working well as a team, learning new skills in general outside garden maintenance, growing skills and how to support a local community.


Adult volunteers from the local community have supported the Community Roots Project here in the allotment, fruit and flower gardens. Some volunteers do not have gardens of their own, suffering through mental health or other illnesses and anxieties, this is an opportunity to come together. They tell us they have learnt and developed new skills and an interest in the benefits of healthy living by working in the outside environment and healthy eating by growing your own fruit and vegetables.