Sam is a service user for our charity, who volunteers in a variety of ways in the local community. "I have a love for horticulture but I understand I need support in many ways to be more independent in the community with the different abilities and needs that I have. Being part of this charity has assisted me in many ways not only with new skills to add to my qualifications, but with my medical needs, emotionally and socially which is something I struggle with. I had an idea to make a vlog about all the aspects of work I am involved with and bring the charity into the 21 century, I am really excited about the opportunity and was really pleased when they agreed to help me do this. I will be creating with support a monthly vlog so enjoy!" - Sam Willacy​



Sam has been involved in his first month in learning about vlogging and the equipment and conversational style to incorporate into his vlogs. He has been spending time becoming accustomed to the camera, finding out the benefits of a tripod, and recording jargon.