Seed to Soup

30 children have experienced the allotment project learning more about healthy eating and living. This year’s learning has been about the development of the garden as a whole from the wild life to the first fruit from the cage and the variety of vegetables you can grow in one plot. 
300 children have been involved in the harvest and soup tasting event, where the soup was described by one pupil as “Joy in a cup”.

Youth Project

12 young people some of whom are disadvantaged have supported the project by helping with matting, fruit cage work and the willow dome. They have working well as a team, learnt new skills in general outside garden maintenance with tools, allotment work and how to support a local community as a whole.   


Adult volunteers from the local community have supported the Community Roots Project here in the fruit and flower gardens, allotment. Some volunteers have seen this as an opportunity to support the local village school and church community with its gardens and harvest festival. They tell us they have learnt and developed new skills and an interest in the benefits of healthy living by working in the outside environment and healthy eating by growing your own fruit and vegetables.