The area has been further developed this year with staff, patients and visitors taking a better interest in the garden area.

To have patients wanting to visit independently has been a huge step forward. Giving them a space to take even for a few moments a different view from the wards and being in the outside we have been told has made a huge difference to how they see themselves and wanting to look forward to spending more time outside whenever possible. Working in partnership with the ward staff and the estates team has made this event possible.

The youth team have visited this year on numerous occasions to assist with general outside maintenance, learning about plants and tool safety. Having a sense that the community space is for all they are choosing independently to ask to do little picks and a tidy up of some paths.

Our volunteer adults are also now taking on more of a role at the hospital by supporting others and wanting to enter local competitions. We have won the silver award this year for Kendal in Bloom Green spaces.

The future here at the hospital is us to continue our work if possible through raising funds and awareness through social media and word of mouth through the hospital site. Other wards with mental health patients can see the benefits of an outside space that is supported by a local charity where we can show partnership work and progress together.