What's Happening

Our charity has a number of ongoing projects and fundraisers, within which we host multiple events each week. Take a look at the timeline below for an overview of upcoming and past events, or visit the blog for more information on recent events.


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Future Event: Mentoring Work Placement : Underbarrow

Scott and Sam Mentoring workplacement Mountjoy Farm Underbarrow

25 April 2018

Future Event: Mentoring Work Placement. High Lickbarrow Farm

Kim and Sam mentoring work placement for National trust House Windermere

25 April 2018

Future Event: Mentoring work placement kendal

24 April 2018

Past Event: Volunteers at Kendal community at the hospital or other location

Scott leading the team of service users and volunteers working in the courtyards in partnership with the Estates Department at our local hospital.

20 April 2018

Past Event: school 1 allotment project

20 April 2018