Community Art Projects

Over the last 6 years we have been involved in community art projects in the local community involving children, young people, and adults. The variety of workshops have involved working alongside community artists and gardeners to inspire others that outside spaces can be used so effectively in art and design creating large and small sculptures and unique spaces for photography and film. 

Our media projects have involved mentoring others to create film and digital art with successful pieces for a vlog and end of project reports. 

We have developed a partnership in the community with undeveloped spaces creating opportunities for environmental craft and art in holiday clubs with children and more uniquely parent and child workshops.

Supporting young people, we have assisted with inspiring environmental art photography and natural projects to create willow domes and sculptures supporting them with educational qualifications and portfolios.

In the local hospital community garden using a variety of mediums, we have created practical items for gardening and information’s displays using techniques and new skills for all ages to learn together.