Adult-Child Well-Being "I Matter" Project

i-matter-poster.jpgChestnut Events is excited to be working with the I Matter Project to set up a new parent education pathway for Kendal.  In this project, we plan to pool our expertise in working with schools, young people and parents, The I Matter Project provides innovative online learning about adult-child relationships and brain development for parents and professionals of the more complex child, and Chestnut Events provide practical face to face and fun outdoor gardening activities. Together we think we can provide an enriching community building approach that can support the confidence of families in their all-important role in supporting child mental health and healthy development.  For more information about getting involved please contact Cathy or Jan on or

To find out even more about the I Matter Project, have a look at their website here

"I just loved how it was all presented and everything. Thank you so much, It has really helped me, and it has really helped me understand my own children and most of all myself." 

"It made me reflect on the children's behaviour in my class and realise that they perhaps have more issues than I realised. It has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate the way that I should respond to these children." 

"I wish every parent could have access to this course as soon, or before they had children, I wish I had seen this years ago." 

"I think there are some great suggestions and superb explanations of how individuals respond and react to different circumstances backed up with sensible reasons why that might happen and what to do about it."


The below is an extract from the I Matter Project informational leaflet:

Have you ever found yourself at a loss about how to help a child?

Sometimes being a parent or even a professional can be very difficult indeed. No one prepares you for being a parent, and sometimes parenting can be a lot more difficult than you ever imagined. Professionals can also sometimes find themselves at a loss to understand some of the children in their settings

However there is some good news:

Modern psychology is changing our understanding of parenting and adult role.

Now we know for example:

  1. That parenting is very important for brain development.
  2. That a child who is having difficulties can be helped when adults develop new understanding and skills.
  3. That parents and adults manage with more confidence when they can talk with others, care for their own well-being, and get support.
  4. That it is never too late to make a difference.
  5. That studying while you are parenting or caring can improve your confidence!

The I Matter Project runs training that is intended to join up ideas and support you and others on this learning journey.

How does it work?

The I Matter Project knows that if you are caring for a complex child it is important to take a long view. One off trainings are rarely quite enough. So we have developed a structured process that can help you develop your understanding and skills over a much longer period. The training is designed to help you develop a shared language with others caring for your child at home or at school.

What are the I Matter Training Steps?

I Matter Training is provided through workshops and online learning.

Basics: The I Matter Five Steps and the Essentials Email Courses

Step 1: Getting Started Workshops, the Level 1 Online Course & Skills Tracker

Step 2: Taking Stock: Reviewing assessments & making clear plans

Step 3: Check in and Confidence Building: Getting support to work for the results and relationships that you want over longer periods.

Opportunities for further professional training

Why is this school or service involved?

Your school or service is working with the project to make it possible for parents like yourself to get the support they need, to learn the skills that they need in order to make a difference.

We all believe that parenting can be an amazing opportunity to learn about some really interesting things about yourself and about other people. As you develop new understanding and skills, life with your child and others can start to be much more enjoyable.

Getting Started

We run regular Getting Started Workshops. Or the I Matter Essentials Course is a 14 day email course designed for parents and professionals of the more complex or challenging child. It provides one 3 min video clip a day.

Dr Cathy Betoin is a practicing clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher, and a parent with over 25 years experience working with school and home settings. She has inside understanding of the needs of professionals and parents who live and work with children with complex social-emotional needs.

What parents and professionals say: “I have enjoyed it because I could fit the course in around my home life and work. It has helped me at with my children at home and also at work. I am better able to understand why they react the way they do and am better at recognising signs of stress”.

How to register:

  1. Speak to your link person.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on 'Getting Started' or 'Essentials Course'.
  4. Enter your discount codes (if provided by your link).
  5. Complete your enrolment — and check spam.